Google will pay Apple $ 15 billion to remain the default browser on the iPhone

It has been known for some time that Google must pay Apple to remain the default search engine on iPhone, iPad and Mac, but it is the sums paid that surprise the public every time this agreement is mentioned. A new report speaks of as much as 15 billion dollars in 2021, with continuous growth in the coming years.

According to the report published by Ped30, in fact, the 2020 estimates saw the payment of 10 billion dollars and, this year, the amount would have increased by 5 billion. The price of 2022 will grow again, again by 5 billion, thus reaching 18-20 billion dollars in payments to secure the “privileged place” as the default browser.

This increase would be particularly desired by the Cupertino giant, which wants to show all its investors how the company can also profit from other activities in addition to the sale of devices on the market. The payment in question, however, would be quite interesting also in the eyes of Big G as it would serve to avoid a “overtaking” by Microsoft in this auction: yes, because even the Bing search engine could potentially become the default option on iPhone and Apple branded products.

The price increase also hides significant risks: first of all there is a regulatory risk, that is, Google could lose the license to continue to maintain its position; The second most likely risk is instead the decision by the Mountain View company to stop paying the amount, a choice that would not be particularly appreciated even by Apple users as in all likelihood Bing would become the default browser . At this point, Apple would be faced with a difficult choice: leave this privilege to Microsoft or propose lower rates to Google to offer the service deemed best?

Speaking of the Apple, the “Back To School” initiative was recently launched on the official website with discounts on Mac and iPad ; or big changes are expected for Mac Mini M1X .

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