Huawei Plans to Charge Patent Fees from Samsung and Apple

Huawei wants to compensate for the losses it has suffered due to the 5G patent fees it will obtain.

Huawei5G for the use of several patents relating to Samsung and Apple in the smartphone manufacturers such as patent fees seems to be planning to take. According to CNBC’s report , the company will try to compensate some of its losses after the US government imposed sanctions on them and limited its ability to sell products in the US market. Huawei ranked second in the smartphone market after Samsung, ahead of US sanctions and other developments. On the other hand, at the end of 2020 Huawei dropped to third place and Apple took its place.

After this application, Apple and Samsung will have to pay up to $ 2.50 per smartphone sold. Huawei promises to limit the fee at this point. In this sense, the company will offer a lower rate than its competitors such as Qualcomm or Nokia. Note that Nokia limits the license rate to around $ 3.58 per unit.

Huawei expects to generate a total revenue of between $ 1.2 and 1.3 billion from 2019 to 2021. This figure includes more than 5G royalties. An intellectual property research firm called GreyB claims that Huawei has the most declared 5G patent family of any company with 3,007, of which 18.3 percent are in use.

With this move, it is stated that Apple and Samsung will become Huawei’s largest sources of 5G patent revenue. As you know, both brands are among the top device selling companies in the world and focused on 5G phones last year.

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