Microsoft released the first beta of Windows 11

Microsoft announced the expansion of the Windows 11 testing program and released the first beta version of the OS, numbered 22000.100. The assembly appeared on the developer’s channel a week earlier, but now it has become more stable and “released into beta”.

Microsoft currently serves three Windows Insider channels. The dev channel is aimed at advanced users who are ready to face bugs and shortcomings.

The beta channel, in which the assembly appeared, assumes more reliable software with approved functionality and active participation of Microsoft.

Finally, the Release Preview channel distributes the final OS versions just prior to release. In the case of Windows 11, it will take place in the fall of 2021.

Thus, the company has embarked on a new stage of testing and expects to attract even more users for this. The developers note that the beta version contains much fewer bugs.

Usually a complete reinstallation of the OS is required to switch from Dev to Beta, but according to the Twitter account of Windows Insider, this can be done within a “short period of time.” Some users report that they only needed a reboot.

Microsoft previously said it would test Windows 11 for compatibility with 7th Gen Intel Core and 1st Gen AMD Ryzen processors, which are not on the list of officially supported devices.

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