Daisy Ridley ready to lie about her career? This incredible anecdote will shock you

Recently, we discovered the hilarious anecdote about the meeting between Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland. The two actors played together in the movie Chaos Walking and the least we can say is that the first time they crossed paths was quite embarrassing … After this story, we discover another almost also disturbing regarding the one who plays Rey in the Star Wars franchise. Although she has a career that could make more than one blush from the top of her 28 years, Daisy Ridley had lied, making her classmates believe at the time that she had filmed in the Harry Potter movie. and the Chamber of Secrets, as she recently revealed inThe Kelly Clarkson Show.

Daisy Ridley ready to lie about her career

Daisy Ridley said she had this idea at the time: “Not many people know this story. I’m not proud of myself, I’m ashamed.” She had thought to herself, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if people thought I was playing Mimi Geignarde?” Daisy Ridley had therefore printed a photo of the Harry Potter character under which she had written her full name and left the photo in the study room for her classmates to see. Apparently, this idea had been a total failure! The young woman confided, laughing during the interview: “As if someone with whom I went to school could believe that I played Mimi Geignarde!”Daisy Ridley responded after being deemed aggressive and intimidating by various co-stars.

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