COVID-19 vaccination -When can I get the Covid vaccine? Canada ,Quebec

The decision of appointment for the vaccination of priority groups started across Quebec. The planned vaccination sequence in your area should be followed. Please note that making an appointment is mandatory.

If you have difficulty making an appointment online, ask your loved ones for help or consult the document How to register for the COVID-19 vaccination  (PDF 0.93 MB) which will guide you. step by step in making an appointment. A video capsule of the procedure  (MP4 25 MB) is also available.

If needed, you can get help by calling 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday or 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at:

An accompanying person could be vaccinated on the same day as the person in the priority group if they meet the following criteria:

  • Be 70 years of age and over;
  • The person is present 3 days a week or more in support of their loved one.

Only one accompanying person can be vaccinated per person in the priority group.

Do not forget to register your guide after making your appointment. We assure you that, regardless of the time selected for the appointment of your companion, he will be able to be vaccinated at the same time as you.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is done in stages and is reserved for people in priority groups at the moment.

If you are not part of the group being vaccinated, do not call or go to the site to get vaccinated. You will be informed at the appropriate time when your age group can begin booking an appointment.

Instructions for the person making their appointment

  • Plan your trip and show up only five minutes before your appointment time.
  • A delay could result in the postponement of your appointment.
  • Bring your health insurance card to your appointment (if you don’t have a health insurance card, you can still receive the vaccine).
  • Observe the basic health instructions during your appointment.


  • It is not possible to choose which vaccine will be given to you. You will know the vaccine at the time of receiving the 1 st dose.
  • The appointment for the 2 th dose will be taken on-site at the time of administration of the 1 st dose. It will not be possible to change the time appointed for your 2 e dose.
  • Make sure you meet the criteria associated with your target group.
  • People who do not meet the eligibility criteria will be refused and invited to make a new appointment when they are eligible.

Vaccination in Quebec

In Quebec, vaccination against COVID-19 began as soon as the first doses were received.

The COVID-19 vaccine is free to anyone who wants to receive it. The vaccines are distributed by the Quebec Immunization Program. It is not possible to obtain doses on the private market.

Prioritization of groups to be vaccinated

Vaccines are gradually available. Some people will be vaccinated before others.

People at higher risk of becoming infected, developing complications and dying from COVID-19 are vaccinated as a priority.

As more vaccines become available in Canada, immunization is extended to more and more people.

The proposed prioritization of the groups to be vaccinated follows the following order:

  1. Vulnerable people with a great loss of autonomy who reside in residential and long-term care centres (CHSLDs) or in intermediate and family-type resources (RI ‑ RTF);
  2. Workers in the health and social services network in contact with users;
  3. Autonomous people or people with a loss of autonomy who live in a private seniors’ residence (RPA) or in certain closed environments housing the elderly;
  4. Isolated and remote communities;
  5. People aged 80 or over;
  6. People aged 70 to 79;
  7. People aged 60 to 69;
  8. Adults under the age of 60 who have a chronic illness or health problem that increases the risk of complications from COVID-19;
  9. Adults under 60 without chronic diseases or health problems increasing the risk of complications, but who provide essential services and are in contact with users;
  10. The rest of the adult population.

Immunization of children and pregnant women will be determined based on future studies on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines in these individuals.

Prioritization may be reviewed based on various considerations, such as the number of vaccines available, among others.

For more details on the criteria used to prioritize the people to be vaccinated, see the document Preliminary opinion on priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination in Quebec on the website of the Institut national de santé Publique du Québec.

Other protective measures

The start of vaccination does not mean the end of health measures. Several months will be needed to protect a sufficiently large part of the population with the vaccine. The physical distancing of two meters, wearing a mask or face covering and washing hands are habits to be maintained until further notice.

COVID-19 vaccines

Visit the COVID-19 Vaccination page to learn more about how vaccines work, work, and be safe.

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